Who owns the world’s patents? The answer is that no-one can be sure. This gives rise to an issue of significant economic importance. According to the WIPO, one in four records of patent ownership data is inaccurate, representing $300 billion in untapped economic value. With IP often making up as much as 70% of a company’s worth, the full value of intellectual property often cannot be realised.

CPA Global is now actively supporting the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO). ORoPO is a practical solution that addresses a fundamental issue; the accuracy and accessibility of data around patent ownership. It sets out to complement the work of Patent Offices worldwide, and has the support of patent owners and the financial markets.

To find out more, join us for a discussion with Manny Schecter, Chief Patent Counsel at IBM and CPA Global's Chief Data Officer, Tyron Stading, on Tuesday, 7 February at 11:00 EST/16:00 GMT.

This webinar sets out to answer these questions:

  1. What is the ORoPO initiative?
  2. Why is an open patent register important?
  3. How will transparency benefit the IP community?
  4. What role will data play in the future of IP?

About ORoPO

ORoPO was launched in June 2015 by organisations united in a common goal – to achieve greater transparency around patent ownership on a global scale. ORoPO provides an open data register of patents, accessible to all at no cost. For more information, please visit www.oropo.net.