Software patents have become increasingly difficult to obtain in the U.S. and even harder to keep once they have been issued.

Ever since the Supreme Court's decision in Alice v. CLS Bank, the federal district courts, the Federal Circuit and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) frequently find computer implemented innovations to be patent ineligible abstract ideas.

This webinar will review recent decisions surrounding patent eligibility of computer implemented inventions and offer strategies for describing these inventions so they can both pass muster at the Patent Office and stand the test of time in the courts and at the PTAB.

In addition to discussing how to sufficiently and adequately articulate an inventive concept to satisfy the rigorous Alice standard, our esteemed panel will address these recent cases:

  • Two-Way Media v. Comcast Cable: The need for the inventive concept to be in the claims and not just in the specification.
  • Smart Systems v. Chicago Transit Authority: Is there anything that can be done to make payment systems and gateways pass Alice muster?
  • Visual Memory v. NVIDIA: Why was there even a question about whether computer memory is abstract and patent ineligible?

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