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On-Demand Webinar

IP Practice Transformation: Best Practices That Support Law Firm Modernisation



There’s no doubt that IP law firms are being pressured to reduce fees and increase differentiation, and digitalisation is offering IP law firms the opportunity to achieve this, radically changing the way they operate.

In this webinar, we will explore some best practices that have helped our IP Law firm customers achieve three crucial goals on their journey to modernise:

  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Free up attorney’s time to provide more strategic advice
  • Maximise billable hours

Don’t miss CPA Global solutions consultants Phil Arvanitis and Aubrey Scroggs, moderated by Oisin Timoney, share some examples of how customers achieved these goals, and our tried and tested approach for ensuring a successful partnership.



Phil Arvanitis


Philip Arvanitis

Strategic IP Solutions Consultant EMEA, CPA Global

As a Strategic IP Solutions Consultant Mr. Arvanitis is responsible for enabling change through enterprise solution design across R&D and IP departments within Technology companies and IP Law firms, regarding people, process, technology and information, using methodologies such as lean, six sigma and IP Metrics. Prior to that, Phil has worked in technology scouting, portfolio management, competitive intelligence and open innovation for Fortune 500 companies underpinned by degrees in IP management and Biology.



Aubrey Scroggs


Aubrey Scroggs

IP Solutions Consultant, CPA Global, Part of Clarivate

Aubrey Scroggs is an IP Solutions Consultant who has been working in Intellectual Property for nearly 15 years. Aubrey joined CPA Global in 2015, bringing with her 10 years of experience in docketing & systems, people administration in industry-leading IP departments. Through consultative engagements such as the IP diagnostic, Aubrey helps customers pinpoint their specific challenges and leverage industry best practice to develop a strategic roadmap for operational efficiency. She is a speaker and round-table presenter for The National Docketing Association and participates in CPA Global Software Innovation Board group meetings, in the capacity of a client, to help drive our technology strategy. Aubrey has a Master’s degree from George Mason University in Justice, Law and Policy with a concentration in Legal Policy and Procedure.

Oisin Timoney


Oisin Timoney

RVP, Marketing EMEA, CPA Global, Part of Clarivate

As a Regional Vice President of Marketing, Oisin is responsible for supporting our engagement with IP professionals. He has worked for over five years in the IP industry promoting awareness of the value CPA Global, part of Clarivate, can deliver for customers across the entire IP lifecycle.


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