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The Business of IP

Innography | IP Answers to Business Questions

Five Commercial Use Cases

With Innography, you’re able to harness the power of patent data correlated with company assignment, litigation, patent valuation data, and more. Used by hundreds of the world's most innovative organisations, Innography delivers actionable answers to practical business questions. Innography uses interactive visualisations to help you rapidly derive meaningful insights from the available data. Here are just a few short examples of how Innography can support you.

Which companies are good candidates for M&A?

Innography can help you identify potential M&A targets by revealing active players in a given technology space. Quickly uncover organisations with the highest strength assets and even model how compatible their portfolio is with your own.

How would an acquisition impact my IP portfolio?

Innography allows you to quickly compare patent portfolios by age, technology domain, patent strength, and more to help you spot overlaps, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Use Innography to create "virtual entities" to easily evaluate what a portfolio would look like following an acquisition.

Which of our patents have the greatest licensing potential?

Innography can help you quickly identify the strongest IP assets in your portfolio. Our proprietary algorithms predict patent value and relevance to help you prioritise where to focus and which partners are most relevant in that technology space.

How do I find potential licensing partners?

Innography allows you to quickly analyze which third party patents your portfolio is rejecting. With this information, along with correlated organization and business data points, helps you identify high potential licensing partners.

What am I really getting with this acquisition? Are there any landmines that I should be concerned about?

Innography also provides access to litigation data to help you reveal any significant historic or ongoing activity that could impact a deal. Innography’s integration with Darts-ip allows you to drill right down to the documents and details of individual cases.

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Case Study

Read how NASCO utilise Innography to advise innovative organisations on developing effective IP strategies that ensure they maximize the potential of their IP assets

“The graphical analysis tools also help us to easily identify technology trends in a specific area and map the key rights holders within a particular market or technology.”

Abdulla Alnouri

Technology Transfer Manager