Join CPA Global, Sunday May 5th at 10:00am

Best practices in patent portfolio maintenance are often handed down or are decided for practical reasons such as budget limitation. But is this the right way to decide how much to keep and cut? What are my competitors doing? By examining historical behavior, we try to understand how to benchmark our own behavior and how we compare against the greater population of other players in the space. 

While the data we are looking at is general in nature, by extracting more specific data sets, the same type of analysis can be used to examine the behavior within a certain industry or even for a particular competitor. Join Thom Kobayashi with CPA Global as he takes you through some best practices in patent portfolio maintenance.

In this session, you'll be able to:

  • Give concrete examples of how access to data can be used to educate yourself about what other companies are doing behind the scenes.
  • Obtain a fresh look at how correlated Big Data can help with understanding current challenges.
  • How larger companies compare the smaller ones with respect to maintaining their patent portfolios
  • Run your own analysis specific to your industry to see how your practice aligns with those generically present in your industry.


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