Niantic exploded to the top of the global mobile gaming industry during the summer of 2016 with Pokémon Go - arguably the best thing the industry had seen since the "Angry Birds" game. 

Niantic achieved this by identifying the niche opportunity in GPS and Augmented Reality technologies within the gaming industry. Leveraging their dwindling Pokémon franchise to add this new offering to their portfolio expanded Niantic's reach exponentially - bringing in billions in revenue.

How does this change the landscape for others developing patented technologies in this space? Where is the white space now? How is that represented visually? During this 30 minute webinar we will discuss:
  • Market Maps of the Key Players
  • Recent Patent Filing Trends with visuals
  • Key Player Portfolio Analysis w/ PATENTSTRENGTH® charts
  • How to leverage visual and written analysis on competitive patent portfolios to guide IP strategy



The visuals and written insights leveraged to produce this webinar are based off of a sample of our Rapid Landscape Study produced by our Innovation Intelligence Services group. For more information on these reports, contact us at